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Computer Repair Cardiff


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29 Crwys Rd, Cardiff CF24 4NB

Free Diagnosis

TuaPc provides a complete diagnosis of your Computer to ensure that once your Computer is repaired by one of our Computer repairs Cardiff specialists here At TuaPc Cardiff, your Computer is working as good as new. This means we look for faults with your Computer that you may not even know about but could cause you a return visit in the future.

Free Estimate

At TuaPc Cardiff will fully diagnose the problem with your Computer before we give you a price for a repair. By doing this we know what needs to be done, what parts need to be replaced and what our labour costs will be. This will all be in one FIXED Repair Price. We will contact you providing the Fixed Repair Price for your Computer and once we receive confirmation from you that you are happy to go ahead, the repair process begins. The repair process will ONLY start with your approval.

Fast Turnaround

Have you ever had to wait days or even weeks for Computer to be repaired?
Not with us! TuaPc will guarantee the repair of your Computer within 24 working hours of our diagnosis and approval by you. Although we are always fully stocked, occasionally we have to wait for Computer parts to arrive so if we think that the repair will take any longer than 24 working hours we will notify you in the first instance.


We provide a 90-day Hardware warranty period for all parts and labour. Any problems during this time? No problem! Just give us a call or pop in to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Computer Repair Cardiff

Computer Repair in Cardiff near me


Laptop repairs in Cardiff Near Me


Mac Repairs Cardiff Near Me


TuaPc Cardiff Computer Repairs

Computer Hardware Faults

A Computer hardware fault requires the physical review of a computer and testing for abnormalities. Suspected components, such as random access memory (RAM), hard disk, power supply or optical drive may be individually checked, troubleshot or replaced if an error is detected. This usually requires special equipment and accessories to disassemble and reassemble the computer.

Computer Software Repair Cardiff

Computer Software Issues

Software-based computer repair issues are generally related to operating system (OS) configuration or updates, installed applications, viruses and other software services. Similarly, computer repair for network/Internet issues allow a computer to completely utilize available and network services.

Computer issues we can help you with

Updates Won’t Install
Wi-Fi Connection Not Discoverable
Microsoft Office Files Don’t Open
Bluetooth connectivity problems
Sound problems
slow boot times
Computer Screen Flickering

Computer Blue screen errors Repair Cardiff
Computer Screen Repairs Cardiff

Blue screen errors
System Restore problems
Files opening with the wrong apps
Random computer crashes
HDD file system corruption
Overheating due to fan failure
Total system freeze

Computer Repair in Cardiff, Mac Repair Cardiff, Laptop Repair Cardiff

Laptop Repairs Cardiff

Laptop Repairs Cardiff

Experts to resolve your Laptop issues and provide you an effective solution.


PC Computer Repair in Cardiff Services

PC software repair

For example, you can say: “The problem lies in the software,” meaning that there is a problem with the program or data, not with the computer itself. You can also say: “It is a software problem.” The distinction between software and hardware is sometimes confusing because they are so integrally linked.

PC hardware repair

A hardware problem is classified as a fault in an actual component (e.g. electrical failure) – or in the configuration of that component – leading to issues with the computer.

PC upgrade

Is your PC fast enough for the things you want to do? Does it take forever to boot, or grind to a halt when you try to use Photoshop? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade your hardware.

Laptop Screen Repair Cardiff

Our Laptop Repair Specialist in Cardiff will provide complete full diagnoses of your Pc Laptop, which includes:

1- Hard Disk, Hard Drive, Solid State Drive diagnosis
2- Battery Life Time and Performance (Battery Health check)
3- Cooling fan (Dust Free Removal)
4- Motherboard corrosion or signs of liquids
5- Keyboard and Mouse Pad (Dust Free Removal, sticky keys check)
6- Input Ports (USB, USB C, Thunderbolt, Charging Port)
7- Connectivity (WI-FI, Bluetooth, built-in camera)
8- Memory Compatibility Check
9- Display and LED-backlit Check
10- Software Updates
11- Spyware malware and virus Check

Laptop Repair Center Cardiff

My Computer is broken in Cardiff and I don’t know if I should repair it or buy a new one?

The way we work is completely different from other Computer Repair services in Cardiff.
When you have an issue with your  Computer and you don’t know what to do, TuaPc will help you to make the right decision. Here’s what we can do…
Computer Diagnosis
A complete diagnosis of your Computer will be carried out to ensure that all hardware parts are in good working condition.
Computer Compatibility
We ensure that all hardware parts should be compatible for the technology updates and OS updates for the next year.
Computer Repair and Warranty
All Hardware repairs are guaranteed for 90 Days.

Computer Hard Disk Drive Problems

Computer seems to be locked up and not responding.
Drive freezes at startup.
The system can’t detect/identify the hard disk at all.
The system fails to boot/hang up in the middle of booting procedure
Hard disk drive error message displays.
Sudden startup failure
System BIOS can’t detect the hard drive
Hard drive isn’t able to spin up

computer virus Removal Cardiff
Computer Hard Drive Repairs Cardiff

Total system freeze
Grinding or clicking sounds from hard drive
Files & Folders becoming invisible or corrupt
Appearance of black screen while booting
The files become corrupt or damaged.
The hard drive is inaccessible.

all computers makes Repair Cardiff

We offer repair services for all computers brands below.

Acer eMachines Intel
Alienware EVGA Lenovo
Amazon Foxconn LG
AOpen Fujitsu MEDION
Apple Gateway Microsoft
ASRock Getac MSI
ASUS/ASmobile Gigabyte Packard Bell
BenQ HP/Compaq Samsung
Clevo Huawei Sony
Dell IBM Toshiba
Apple Mac Computers Repairs Cardiff

Apple Mac Computers Repair Cardiff

Problems or Issues you might be having with your Mac
Unable to turn on (power supply failure)
Shuts down randomly, shutting down when unplugged
OS system won’t boot up
Problems with the MagSafe, MagSafe2 AC adaptor
Ticking or clicking sounds
LCD shows lines while booting up
Wi-Fi connection poor, dropping
Trackpad unresponsive
OS system Slows down
The battery needs to be replaced, reduced battery efficiency
Keyboard sticking, some keys not working

Apple Mac Computers Repair Services list

AirPort Card Replacement
Display Replacement
Fan Replacement
Front Display Bezel Replacement
Logic Board Repair
MagSafe Board Replacement
Speaker Replacement
Upper Case Cable Replacement
USB-C Port Replacement
Microphone Replacement
Audio Jack Board Replacement

MacBook Computers repair Cardiff
Apple Mac Computers Repairs in Cardiff

Battery Connector Replacement
Bluetooth Board Replacement
Hard Drive Hard Replacement
Hard Drive Connector Repair
LCD Panel Replacement
Trackpad Assembly Replacement
DC-In Board Replacement
Front Display Glass Replacement
RAM Upgrade and Replacement
Lower Case Replacement
Upper Case Replacement

Apple Mac Computer Repair Cardiff

Apple Mac software repairs

Apple Mac hardware repairs

Mac software repairs

Essentially, software tells your Mac how to work. It does this by using a multitude of programmes that all harmonise to get your Mac to do what you need it to. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong with the software and you’ll notice that your Mac isn’t working the way you want it to. This could mean that your Mac is just generally underperforming or that you can’t use your Mac at all. At TuaPC our experts can easily determine what is causing your Mac issues when they perform their free diagnosis.

What are some common examples of software problems?

It can be difficult to tell whether your computer is experiencing hardware or software issues and that’s why you should bring it to our experts at NiwTech. Some common software problems include your computer running slowly, your computer keeps restarting for no apparent reason, your computer freezes or maybe it’s just performing oddly.

What software repair services do we offer at TuaPC?

We’ll help with virus, spyware, bloatware, and malware removal to keep your computer healthy and happy. We can do tune ups for slow machines, as well as data transfer, migration, and backup.

Apple Mac Hardware repairs

The hardware of your Apple Mac is the physical components of your Apple Mac, meaning the hard drive, screen, graphics card, central processing unit (CPU) or motherboard.

What are some common Apple Mac Hardware problems?

Unfortunately, common Apple Mac hardware problems can be similar to Mac software problems and sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate the two. Fortunately, our experts at TuaPC can diagnose the issues with your Apple Mac Computer for free and provide you with a quote for the repairs. Some common Mac hardware problems are that your Apple computer is slow, your Mac computer keeps restarting, some aspects of your Apple computer aren’t working properly such as the keyboard, your Mac computer is making strange noises, downloads are slow or you have issues accessing files.

What Apple Mac hardware problems can be fixed at TuaPC?

At TuaPC we will diagnose your Apple Mac computer problems for free and get your Mac computer up and running in no time. We fix a lot of Apple Mac computers and some of our most common fixes involve hard drives, screens, keyboards, ports, cameras, trackpads and buttons.

Data recovery Cardiff

So you may have experienced this yourself, or heard of someone who has lost everything they are working on when they are almost at the finish line or the deadline has almost been reached. Unfortunately, this happens and it seems to happen in moments when you absolutely do not need it to happen. Losing all your hard work in the blink of an eye can be heartbreaking, however, it does not mean it is truly lost forever. The process of data recovery involves getting this important work back to you from the depths of your computer.

all computers makes Repair Cardiff

How can data be lost?

Data, or specifically, that thing you’ve been working on for weeks, months and years, or those cherished photos and videos, can be lost in many ways. Data can become corrupted or lost and inaccessible and this can happen due to physical damage to your hard drive or external storage device. Alternatively, it can happen due to a malfunction in the operating system, i.e. the software.

What kind of data recovery services do you provide at TuaPC?

At TuaPC we provide a free diagnosis of your device to determine exactly whether your device has lost data due to physical damage to the data storage components or a malfunction of the software. Our TuaPC experts can work on your device itself as well as external storage devices.

all computers makes Repair Cardiff